October 19, 2009

Middle East’s first ever Windows Mobile MVP


Mohammad Abutaleb Alkandery : Middle East’s first ever Windows Mobile MVP



A Microsoft MVP is part of a highly selected group of experts that represents technology’s best and brightest professionals who share a deep commitment to community and a willingness to help others. Mohammed Abutaleb Alkandery – Microsoft’s first Middle East Windows Mobile MVP – is a Kuwaiti citizen with a Computer Engineering degree from Kuwait University and known to many as the Middle East’s Windows Mobile expert enthusiast.

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October 2, 2009

Google Tells Employee to Decline Microsoft Award

MSGEach year starting in 2003, Microsoft has honored Jon Skeet for his extensive work helping people code in a Microsoft-developed programming language. But Skeet joined Google last year, and his new employer is apparently the jealous type.

In a blog post, Skeet writes that he checked with his Google bosses to make sure it would be OK if Microsoft “renewed” his “Microsoft MVP” award for yet another year, an honor that is far from automatic and akin to a new award. But Skeet wrote he “was advised not to do so.

Which is odd, since Google is fine with Skeet programming, on company time, in a language born from their competitor, and the company is fine with him offering extensive help with the language online. But accepting an award for offering help with said language is apparently akin to sleeping with the enemy. Sounds petty. Perhaps Google would feel more comfortable if Skeet offered to have the plaque and award pin swept for bugs.

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