September 21, 2009

Eid Mubarak – Happy Eid-ul-Fitar

Eid-e Sa'eed-e Fitr

Eid-e Sa'eed-e Fitr

Eid Celebrations:

Eid fitr is the day of celebration for all the Muslims with Eid Wishes everywhere. A lot of arrangements and preparations are done so many days before the event of Eid Al-Fitr.On this day all the Muslims wear new clothes, Women apply henna or mehndi. They wear lots of accessories which include heavy ornaments and jeweleries. Muslims also decorate their houses in their own special ways to create a feel of Eid Festival among all the family members.

The markets also remain open and decorated on the occasion of Eid for all the Muslims to do their shoppings. Children also enjoy this festival by wearing new clothes and playing games. Eid is the festival when all the children have a real fun time as they get gifts, clothes, sweets, perks and love from all their near and dear ones. Children also make special handmade Eid Greetings for all their Friends and notice all the Eid traditions followed by their parents and are excited to follow the same when they grow up. Send Eid Ul Fitr Cards, Eid Greeting Cards, Eid Mubarak Cards to your loved ones.

Also called Eid-ul-Fitar, “Ramadan Eid”, “Smaller Eid”; Idul Fitri, Hari Lebaran (Indonesia); Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Lebaran, Aidilfitri (Malaysia); Riyoyo, Riyayan, Ngaidul Fitri (Javanese); Boboran Siyam (Sundanese); Rojar Eid (Bangladesh); Ramazan Bayramı (Turkic); Korite (Senegal); Sallah (Hausa); Kochnay Akhtar (کوچنی اختر) (Pashto); Eid-e Sa’eed-e Fitr (The Mirthful Festival of Fitr, Persian);Choti Eid (Urdu);Cheriya Perunnal(Malayalam);Ramazanski Bajram, Eid (Bosnian); Cejna Remezanê (Kurdish)


“Many are the wishes that are being sent your way,
but this is a special one for a very happy Eid Day”

Esp. Eid Hugs :)

Esp. Eid Hugs 🙂


August 23, 2009

“رمضان کریم مبارک” To, ALL MUSLIMS …

ramazan kareem

Ramazan-ul-Mubarak is here Alhamdulillah. It is this month ALLAH has blessed mankind with the greatest gift Al-Qur’an through Mohammad(SAWW). This is the month of self purification, mercy and forgiveness. May ALLAH Subhanahu wa ta’ala give us the courage and strength to fulfill this holy duty.
AL Ramazan Assalam

We must keep in mind that Ramazan should not only be limited to ritual pray and fast but there is a humanitarian message to it. ALLAH mandate Muslim to fast to feel and realize the condition of poor and needy thus wealthy should be generous toward poor. Those of us well off should open our heart and donate generously to reduce the hunger around us. Let ALLAH Subhanahu wa ta’ala pour some compassion in all of us so that we all can become worthy servant of HIM.

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May ALLAH guide us through out this Ramazan Insh’ALLAH.

July 13, 2009

Shah Rukh honoured to be Dr. Khan…

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The 43 year-old sha shaa shaaa Shah Rukh Honoured To Be Dr. Khan. 🙂


Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan can now call himself “Doctor” after being honoured in the United Kingdom for his contribution to arts and culture.

Khan said he aimed to use the award to help educate underprivileged children.
At a Ceremony in London on Friday night, Bedfordshire University conferred the doctorate upon him. The ceremony was also attended by the famously barefoot Indian painter MF Hussain and British film maker Gurinder Chadha.

The actor, who has starred in dozens of films, already has his own waxwork at Madame Tussaud’s and has previously been honoured in France and Malaysia.

“Interestingly my kids don’t understand this doctorate and believe I will be awarded a stethoscope,” he joked at the degree ceremony.

The – Top Achievement:

The star was awarded the doctorate at a top London hotel instead of on university premises north of London because of the summer break.


Accepting the honour, Khan said,
“he had received numerous awards as an actor but being given an honorary doctorate was the top achievement”.

Khan also joked that he might get to keep his university robes:
“I have sweated in them – [they] can’t be returned unless I dry clean them.”

Khan also added, he was most scared of mathematics as a child, and intended to make sure his children were good at the subject.

ShahrukhKhan doctarate photo stills
ShahrukhKhan doctarate photo stills 2

Other Indian stars to have been given honorary doctorates in the UK include Amitabh Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar and AR Rahman.

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