Ehmm Where to begin?? Born, kicking and screaming until I was drugged enough to be quite… 🙂
Thus begins the life and times of me, Saliaziz.

I am an Undergraduate, majoring in Computer Science.I am very Passionate about Computer Sciences and Latest Technologies.

Here in this Blog I hope to share the ideas I have had in my mind.I am by nature a gentle person, but I know very little about mankind and the world we live in and have opinions about all of it.

I consider myself a life long learner. I love to read and research. The more I know the happier I become..
There is so much to know about me that my About page could stretch on forever..

I love to read comments that people leave… so please feel free to leave as many as you like. Enjoy my small moments! And my Knowledge which I am going to share with you guys in my blog.

Hope you had find something interesting or intriguing About me..

If that sounds like you, or the person you are striving to become, then check me out, tell your friends, join my:

“FASTians Tribe” @ saliaziz [dot] wordpress [dot] com, and Make A Difference…



You can contact me at: [at] gmail [dot] com.
Follow me on twitter —> www [dot] twitter [dot] com/saliaziz
Follow me on Facebook —> www [dot] facebook [dot] com/saliaziz

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